harsh «hahrsh», adjective.
1. unpleasantly rough to the touch: »

a harsh towel, fruit with a harsh rind.

SYNONYM(S): rugged.
2. unpleasantly rough to the taste; astringent: »

a harsh flavor.

SYNONYM(S): acrid, sour, sharp.
3. unpleasing to the eye: »

harsh outlines, colors, or features, a harsh painting.

4. disagreeably rough to the ear: »

a harsh voice.

SYNONYM(S): jarring, grating, rasping, discordant, strident, raucous, inharmonious.
5. without pity; cruel; unfeeling: »

a harsh man.

SYNONYM(S): unkind.
6. rugged; bleak; severe: »

a harsh coast, a harsh climate.

7. stern; grim; forbidding: »

a harsh expression.

SYNONYM(S): strict, rigorous.
[earlier harrish bitter, astringent, Middle English harsk, perhaps < Scandinavian (compare Danish harsk rancid, rank)]
harsh´ly, adverb.
harsh´ness, noun.

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